Our Top Wines

A silkier, even more polished version of the 2019 Vigneto Primo, with the same luscious cherry flavors and tangy lift as its predecessor.

Our most floral and delicate wine, made from grapes grown on pure limestone soils, Vigneto Grande is a lacy, ethereal Sangiovese which will age into layered complexity.

Our Popular Wines

Ripe raspberry aromas and mouthwatering juiciness are the hallmarks of Villaggio. Light and fruity, its hint of tanginess means each glass beckons the next.

A light Sangiovese to accompany salumi, soups and salads as an aperitivo or with family meals, the Toscano is a delicious, easy-drinking red, especially suited to the warmer months of the year.

Our Olive Oil

Most of our olive trees are of the “leccino” variety, a tree with fronds reminiscent of Weeping Willows. Our olive oil is delicately spicy and medium-bodied, with fresh, grassy aromas. An early-ripening varietal, Leccino is also known for its forbearance in cold winters, which is why our olive orchard survived the infamous 1985 frost in Tuscany.

Our Packages

Gift Package

A special gift package for all occasions.

Contains a bottle of Olive Oil and a wine of your choice!

Tuscan Terroir Sampler

A six-bottle case containting 2 bottles of each of the 2020 wines Vigneto Grande, Vigneto Primo and Toscano.

Taste what terroir means!

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