100% Sangiovese--an indigenous Tuscan grape varietal--the wine's acidity keeps the ripe cherry flavors fresh and vibrant. Sangiovese ripens late, ensuring complexity of aromas and flavors.

vinification and aging

De-stemmed, spontaneously fermented (no added yeasts) in small tanks without pumpovers or punch-downs, slow malolactic fermentation over the winter, 1/3 in French oak barrel, 2/3 in tank. No fining or filtering.


The clay sub-soils impart a soft texture and breadth on the palate.


Sub-soils formed from tiny calcareous deposits on the deep ocean floor, exposed when the sea drained away c.a. 2 million years ago.

position and viticulture

Inland, at an elevation of 150m on an East-facing slope, this site receives morning sun, preserving delicate aromas. Biodynamically farmed without pesticides or commercial fertilisers, the vines are 20 years old and planted 2,4m x 0,80m, a standard density. Hand harvested.

nutritional information

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