Sneak Peek: The 2021 Fanciulle Wines

I always want to make vibrant wines–wines with tangy, mouthwatering finishes. That umami quality–the way in which some wines seem to call for glass after glass, while others are so rich or heavy that a few mouthfuls suffice–comes from a wine’s acidity and balance. “Acid” is not necessarily a word consumers associate with great wine, but it is by and large acidity that gives wine length (the perception of its flavors lingering in your mouth) as well as what makes a wine age-worthy. In October of 2021, as the grapes came in from the vineyards, the first tanks finished fermentation and producers started sharing impressions of their newborn wines, I kept hearing the phrase “fine acidity”–“bell’acidità.” The tangy quality to the 2021 wines seemed to have captivated the region as a whole. Tasting my 2021s (now that they have spent a few months in the bottle), I was thrilled to discover a vintage that makes the umami aspect of Sangiovese its protagonist, especially since the 2021s balance their “bell’acidità” with lush raspberry and strawberry flavors and a pleasantly firm texture.

Our 2021 TOSCANO reminds me of a damsel (in Italian, a “fanciulla”)–all pink roses and wild strawberries, with notes of vanilla, lacy and delicate, light on its feet.

The VILLAGGIO 2021 is silky, polished, with a fullness and depth of flavor that regales red rose aromas and layers of plush red cherries.

The FANCIULLE 2021 wines are available now for pre-order (shipment in mid-November), and we will be presenting them at events this fall as well as during an Instagram live at 3:00pm EST on Friday, October 27th. Order yours now!

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