A bunch of Sangiovese grapes.
Grape clones

Does It Matter?

Alessandro came to the vineyard barefoot and walked up and down the rows of decades-old vines with me, tasting grapes the way the pros do,

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wine barrels
Grape harvest

A New Wine Part 3

Going into the 2022 harvest, I was hopeful: my faith in the capacity of the old vines in my own vineyard to produce flavorful, evenly

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the view toward Florence
Grape harvest

A New Wine Part 2

The 2022 harvest was going to be more important than usual: I had convinced the owners of a small, high vineyard outside of Florence to

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Grape harvest

A New Wine Part 1

At a brunch party a few weeks ago, a friend said: “Here’s a question I don’t get to ask many people: How was the harvest?”

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Olive cultivation

Ah Bruschetta!

How can anything be “extra virgin”?  An olive either has or has not been pressed. In fact, nobody in Tuscany talks about “virgin” olive oil.

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Vigneto Grande 2020
Grape harvest

Smelling the Roses

Whether for reasons of upbringing, experience or temperament, I am always striving—to think up and take on projects, formulate plans, aim for change; grow and

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Tuscan wines

Wine Chat

I spent this past Monday, a holiday known as “Pasquetta” or “little Easter” in Italy, with friends in Siena, chatting over a long lunch to

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Rocky limestone vineyard
Tuscan geology

Wines with a Sense of Place

Wine lovers, the press and winemakers themselves like to talk about “terroir-driven” wines, a vague expression that I transcribe as “wines with a sense of

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