Vigneto Grande 2020
Grape harvest

Smelling the Roses

Whether for reasons of upbringing, experience or temperament, I am always striving—to think up and take on projects, formulate plans, aim for change; grow and

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Tuscan wines

Wine Chat

I spent this past Monday, a holiday known as “Pasquetta” or “little Easter” in Italy, with friends in Siena, chatting over a long lunch to

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Rocky limestone vineyard
Tuscan geology

Wines with a Sense of Place

Wine lovers, the press and winemakers themselves like to talk about “terroir-driven” wines, a vague expression that I transcribe as “wines with a sense of

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Grape bunch on old grapevine
Grape harvest

The Growing Season

Today it’s sunny, windy and cold, and although we need rain at this time of year, the weather is perfect for pruning. I only own

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Map of Tuscan geology

Age Is Irrelevant

“Age is irrelevant,” tweeted a fellow wine professional yesterday, in the context of a discussion of vineyard soil quality. While I applaud her lack of

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